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Episode 46: Paul Revere Rides a Dirt Bike

Tangent city, seriously.  Josh and I got our repressed podcasting urges out like hell this week and discussed a number of tangential topics revolving around the nucleus of history repeating itself… or at least rhyming like the most messed up limerick ever.  We discuss how conditions today reflect conditions of our forefathers and we also get a bit into tin foil hattery speculation on patterns of horrendous crimes and how the government “responds.”

Also, at the time of recording this I still had a bit of a latent cough from being ill the week before so I hope you don’t mind hearing me hack a few times.

-The NDAA allows the government to kill Americans indiscriminately on foreign (for now) soil.

-Laws that seem fine on the surface, but the devil is in the details.

-Tangent: Private medical info on drivers licenses.

-The whole idea of a trial as an evidence examination tool.

-Chris Dorner vs. LAPD:  once again the crazy one’s point is proven.  Also a comparison to Waco.

-Tangent:  Talking about Waco.

-Media tries to make gun owners look nuts for having what is actually a standard stash of ammo.

-The Michigan Militia according to the Mainstream Media.

-Justice Department trying to justify killing Americans on American soil.

-Jesse Ventura schooling Piers Morgan on gun rights.

-Firearms manufacturers boycotting the government.

-What if the government magically poofed every civilian gun out of existence?  Ewoks, ninjas and fighting in the shade!

-Prison guards can tell you how inventive the inmates can be when it comes to weapons, and how this illustrates that if guns are banned, the free-market will come up with alternatives.

-It used to be common in Jefferson that kids would be seen walking down the street with .22 rifles over their shoulders and it was no big deal.  Where did that go?

-Fire is a tool, unless its Assault Fire, lol!

-A pattern seems to be emerging with mass killings.

-Mental disabilities according to the president’s EO’s… which leads us into a geek-out tangent on the development of psychology and how it seems we’re going backwards in the field to the detriment of our youth.

-All the recent mass killers were on psychotropic drugs.

-Comparing conditions in America today to conditions in pre-revolutionary America…

-…and pre-revolutionary France.

-The kid who was deported for hacking his Playstation… punishing talent, creativity and thinking outside the box.

-3d printing guns and magazines.

-History is rhyming.  But there might be a light at the end of the tunnel.

-The elite are preparing for a collapse by digging subterranian bunkers and stockpiling them to wait it out and take over again later.  Welders on the outside can come in handy!

-All governments ultimately bring about their own demise.


The asian women shot during ex-LAPD manhunt never were challenged first or commanded to show hands before LAPD opened fire.

The cabin Dorner was holed up in was burned down on purpose.

Waco FLIR footage.

Feinstien had been working on AWB legislation a year before Sandy Hook even happened.

Jesse Ventura schools Piers Morgan on RKBA.

Josephine County – Support Rural America

Support Rural America

Sheriffs Event in Josephine County, Oregon

A panel of Constitutional Sheriffs speak at a Support Rural America event in Grants Pass, Oregon in Josephine.  Issues regarding water rights, property rights, abusive state and federal agencies and civil liberties are discussed.

Sheriffs that attended this event: Jon Lopey – Siskiyou County, CA, Bob Hudspeth – Wheeler County, OR, Bruce Haney – Trinity County, CA, Dean Wilson – Del Norte County, CA, Mike Poindexter – Modoc County, CA, and hosted by Gil Gilbertson – Josephine County, OR

Event sponsored by:

National Constitutional Sheriffs’ Association

Episode 40: Interview with Kirk MacKenzie

Ladies and Gentleman, our very first interview! (read, I finally figured out the hardware tricks to make it happen)

This week Kirk MacKenzie joins us to give us the skinny on the Klamath dams issue, the ongoing destruction of our use of natural resources and private property not just in Jefferson, but the whole nation, what got him passionate about it in the first place, a primer on Agenda 21, and offers some great ideas on how to reclaim our rights as farmers, fisherman, miners, loggers and property owners.

Kirk is the founder of Defend Rural America.  Visit his site for more great info where you can learn more about the whats going on with our natural resources, interviews, upcoming events, and what you can do to help.

Please note, the first five minutes of the recorded audio aren’t as good of quality as the rest of the show (I had the cable in the wrong jack, sorry) but I did some audio magic to make it sound the best I can.  Lessons learned for future interviews.

Episode 39: Gun Control – on the Government’s Guns

Stay tuned for a special announcement at the end of the show!

This week its just me because Josh and I spent our normal recording time getting interviewed for a book (bragbragbrag).

This episode I read a very sobering article written by George Riesman entitled Gun Control – on the Government’s Guns.  Which examines the potential consequences of gun control, government regulatory agencies, and its effects on not just liberty, but a population’s survival.



Source material for this episode is copyright 2012 by George Reisman. All rights reserved except that this article may be reproduced electronically provided that this note is included in full. George Reisman, Ph.D., is Pepperdine University Professor Emeritus of Economics, Senior Fellow at the Goldwater Institute, and the author of Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics(Ottawa, Illinois: Jameson Books, 1996; Kindle Edition, 2012), The Government Against the Economy, and Warren Buffett, Class Warfare, and the Exploitation Theory. His website is www.capitalism.net. His blog is www.georgereismansblog.blogspot.com. See his Amazon.com author’s central page.

Materials on mises.org are copyright © 2012 by the Ludwig von Mises Institute. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is hereby granted, provided full credit is given.

Episode 24: Rambling Edition

Phil and Josh really did it on the rambling tangents this week.  A variety of topics are discussed.  Subject matter includes:

-The upcoming Sheriff events and how they’ve got serious courage for standing up against the status quo.

-The EPA directors “crucify them” comment.

-Referencing the Behind the Green Curtain video about the EPA getting neighbors to spy on neighbors, which leads into tangent about joshs psycho neigboor

-California Air Resources Board mandating dangerous gas cans, the cost of catalytic converters on CA vs. OR.

-Apparently so much as a manufacturer changing the finish on a firearm requires a new drop test in CA.

-Waiting for California to require citizens to wear the red man suit when out in public “for your safety”.

-Traffic enforcement has become a money maker for the state, and commercials for it are little more than fear tactic propoganda

-California tobacco laws kill the ability of the free market to run properly, and how voting with your dollars would normally take care of that.

-John Menke shows how the government is responsible for the fish die-offs at the Klamath.

-Chinese companies moving in on American land (here and here).

-Salmon roes turning black in the Klamath?  Does anyone know about this?

-The condition of the klamath before the dams.

-Someone needs to come up with a bumper sticker that says something like “SAVE THE SALMON, KEEP THE DAMS!” to counter this “un-dam the Klamath” bumper sticker nonsense.

-A tangent about strange cuisine.

-Wal-mart coming to Eureka.

-Anecdotes about Crescent City.

John Stossel’s “Illegal Everything”

Good video illustrating how the more laws we have, the less liberty we enjoy.  This clip gets into property rights, the EPA, the drug war, the lemonade stands fiasco, prohibitions and other important topics. Must watch!

Episode 22: IRS, TSA, GMO’s and Bees

This week Phil and Josh are joined by Lotoj, who is an old friend that will be traveling to Ecuador soon to study for his doctorate.  He brings interesting perspectives and a healthy dose of eloquence to this week’s show.  Topics for this week include:

-IRS to gain the power to revoke passports for those accused of being delinquent on their taxes, which includes about 30,000 U.S. troops, should the bill pass through Congress.

-Some thoughts about the Sovereign Citizens movement.

-Correlation between IRS bill, NDAA and Patriot act

-McCarthy’s communist witch hunts and the absurdity of the “War on Terror”

-TSA’s thought police Behavioral Detection Officers.

-Government taking advantage of the vague definition of terrorist to suppress dissent.

-Proving intent is paramount to due process, and that crucial element of our justice system is fading away.

-The government engages in terrorism by deceit and lies (remember Dr. Paul Houser?)

-Monsanto buys out research organisation that linked GMO’s to the bee die-offs.

Behind the Green Curtain: Environmentalism vs. Property Rights

A 1995 film by Voice of Free America, exposing the fraud of the environmentalist movement and how it became the abusive land grabbing behemoth it is now.

Episode 21: More Ideas About the Jefferson State Constitution

Josh is Back!  This week gets into further ideas about the rough draft State of Jefferson Constitution.  Some ideas Phil and Josh came up with, others were suggested to us through word of mouth.  Some ideas are good, some sound good at first, and others are kinda stupid, but we kicked them around anyway because why the hell not.  Some of the ideas discussed, with varying degrees of success include:

-Idea borrowed from Thomas Jefferson: Mandatory year long waiting periods before bills can be voted on, so the legislature as well as the people can fully evaluate and consider each one before it passes.  This avoids having only three days to read a 10,000 page bill or something before it is voted on.

-Each law passed shall have a sunset, perhaps one year, then it has to go through the process again before it can be renewed.

-Limits on how many words each law can contain.

-Stricter requirements for amendments than what we have now.  Avoid situations like California whose constitution has become so huge and convoluted that it has lost its sanctity and became meaningless.

-Laws need to be simple and concise.

-Selecting legislators at random like jurors?

-Funding options: excise taxes, a flat income tax, the government competing in the gun dealership market, or a publicly owned bank, and how there should only be one and not a bunch of overlapping forms of taxation.  The pro’s and con’s of each are explored.

-Dumping the federal reserve note in favor of a commodity backed Jefferson currency… “X” backs?

-Instead of departments blowing money they didn’t spend right before the end of the fiscal year, it gets put into an interest bearing account to make the money grow without affecting the taxpayer.  In theory, if this practice reached critical mass, the government could sustain itself off the interest and the need for taxes would disappear entirely (!)

-Separation of business and state.  Find a way to ensure that the government doing good for its people the path of least resistance.

-Sheriff’s being sole enforcers of the law, both what the people have to obey and what the government has to obey.

-Absolute, total, complete transparency in government.  As in to the point of government officials professional lives (not private of course) to be monitored full-time.

-Thoughts on being able to opt out of the system entirely.

-What to do about education?  Jeffersonians need to be wary of an education system ran exclusively by the government, and that education standards must be mutually agreed upon, and that our children’s education ought to have more parental involvement, because we want them to have the tools to run the show when we’re dead and gone.

This episode also comes with a free tangent about the Secret Service’s Sexploits in Columbia and a bonus anecdote!

Sheriff Lopey on Protecting Property Rights

Here’s a video of Sheriff Lopey of Siskiyou County speaking about the abuses the citizens of his county suffers at the hands of federal agencies.

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