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Episode 3: Property Rights

Note: the audio is weird, as we tried a different recording setup and it ended up screwing with audio levels and quality.  I cleaned it up as best I could. We’re working on getting a better recording setup in the future but until then we are just going to have to make the best of what we have.

This week Josh and I discuss nanny government meddling in people’s ability to manage and dispose of privately owned property.

-The City of Salem doesn’t care if you have bone cancer, just don’t try to have yard sales to pay the bills.
-Kids lemonade stands shut down for lack of permits. Phil and Josh don’t remember needing any of that when they were young, so what is this teaching our kids about entrepreneurship today?
-Its almost impossible today to build on or modify your private property without mommy government’s approval.
-There are some areas where people simply build without a permit because paying the fines is actually cheaper than the cost of the permit.
-The purpose of building permits is so the government can tax your property “for your safety”.
-The concept of buyer and seller responsibility.
-Building codes making civil engineers do double duty as lawyers.
-People have been building pyramids and castles for ages, so why all of a sudden do we need mommy government to make sure structures wont collapse?
-Personal integrity and accountability. A solution to unnecessary codes and permits?
-The road to safety was paved with encroachments and taxes.
-People have relinquished their responsibility and integrity to the government.
-People are perfectly capable of policing themselves, if only they would be allowed to.
-We’ve lost our sovereignty to the two states.
-This nation has over 4.5 billion laws, and there’s no aspect of life that escapes them.
-Josh’s idea that just laws follow three basic values: don’t damage people, don’t damage property, honor your word.
-Loopholes in laws breed more loopholes.
-Eminent domain: the taking of private property by the government to give to another private party for private profit.
-A fellow Jeffersonian is battling threatened eminent domain abuse from Humboldt County.
-Eminent domain amounts to the government engaging in illegal brokering for private profit.
-The government owns roughly half of all land in California and Oregon.
-Why are these redevelopment agencies trying to take land to build housing when there’s so many houses for sale in Jefferson already?
-Phil and Josh go on a tangent about Jefferson’s resources and exports (or whats left of it).

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