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Since 1941, overbearing states of California and Oregon make it more and more difficult to access our natural resources, create new businesses and continuously erode our natural rights to liberty and property.  Made to bend to the whims of the concentrated populations from the big cities to the south and north, the movement to forge a new state in the region has resurfaced. It's time to get off the sinking ship. So grab your favorite brew and listen as Phil, Josh and Aaron discuss history, politics, economics and the philosophy of liberty here at the State of Jefferson Podcast.
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54: Public Edumacation – Now with 33% more tangential banter!

We discuss how “great” public education in America is when compared with countries who do it better like Finland, fucktarded schools and their stupid programs (like buying bathroom time), private schools, free markets, corrupt politicians and much much more. We mention our Amazon Affiliate link, its been pointed out to me by a secret source (my wife) that you can also bookmark our amazon affiliate link as Amazon and bypass having to go to our website every time you want to buy off Amazon (for you lazy people). As well as major tangents including Airships, Leland Yee, Voting, Anarchy and Rob Ford (my kind of politician).

How to make schools better

Are you indoctrinated?

Finnish Schools

How Government Ruined the Gas Can


Episode 53: Cognitive Dissonance and Other Rants with Chuck

In this episode Phil and I, in a mad dash to find a way to make ourselves less boring while Josh was away brought our friend Chuck Horton from Double Crossed Radio on for a chat. The main focus was supposed to be on an article from The Daily Paul about cognitive dissonance. True to SOJP protocol we ranted and tangented our way through it. Hopefully you guys enjoy it as much as we did!

-Daily Paul Article and main focus of our show

-Double Crossed Radio’s Website and Radio Channel

-The Amazingly Awesome Conversion Video by Jacob Spinney

52: End the War on Drugs, For the Children

This podcast came to us through a Facebook conversation I had with a friend. She had shared a video of a lady nodding out on a public bus which had sadly in a way to shame her become a viral video. My friend had written a quick addendum to the original post about how sad it was and had offhandedly mentioned that the authorities should be called. That statement made me uncomfortable as a self described anarchist because I did not have a come back for it, apart from what I know from my own limited experiences with the drug treatment (read jail) and foster care systems. I decided to look into it and this podcast detailed most of what I found. I would like to caution all listeners to put your children to bed before listening to this and to keep an open mind. What we found was shocking, disgusting and one of the biggest (of course not talked about) failings by the system.

Drug Treatment Info

Where do the children who go to foster care go?

End the drug war for these kids

Another disgusting thing we found while researching this podcast

Episode 51: Interview with Walter Block

We have a very special guest this episode as we interview none other than Walter Block!

Dr. Block is a professor of economics at Loyola University in New Orleans, and is a Senior Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

Listen as Dr. Block discusses how privatization can ensure the maximum prosperity for Jefferson, while still maintaining sound environmental stewardship, should we become our own state.

He also sets the record straight when the New York Times (ick) ran a hit piece about him trying to cherry pick his words out of context to paint him as a racist (hint: he’s not a racist).

Pay a visit Dr. Block’s website here!

Nice Degree, Here’s Your Spatula!

An old instructor once told me: “Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance.”  Seems these days college students (and their parents) don’t look any further than graduating and getting that degree.  Don’t worry, once you get your degree, six figure jobs will just manifest and you will live the rest of your life worry-free!  But once you’ve got your fancy-pants degree in “History with a minor in 16th Century Eastern European Sewage Treatment,” what do you do now with your umpteen-thousand-dollar student loan?  As this article explains, in the world of today, your chances of finding that job are slim.  The only things that’s guaranteed is you get saddled with debt.  Bubbles are created by convincing people to invest in something that has no real ROI, and enable it with easy credit.

We always hear that “you’ll never amount to anything without an education.” But what good is an education when there are no jobs?  I can write pages about jobs in the United States being legislated, taxed, licensed and regulated out of existence and across ponds, but I want to focus on something specific here.

An often overlooked problem with public education: because it is ran by governments, and not the private market, there is no way for them to respond to what the market wants.  In a privatized system, schools who win are the ones who can brag about their students graduating and becoming gainfully employed.  Schools that fail at this will go out of business, because who wants to go to a school where the alumni end up as burger-flippers?

The schools that win will be the ones that see what skills the market demands and teach those skills.  Government run education is incapable of this because they are funded through taxation.  They don’t have any incentive to teach skills that matter in the real world because the funding will always be there.  Private schools, on the other hand, have to always stay abreast of what skills are in actual demand in the real world and act accordingly.  If they fail at that, they go bankrupt.

That is, ultimately, the problem with any government institution or service… they can’t go bankrupt, regardless if their “customers” aren’t satisfied.  It really doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Voluntary Interaction in Podcasting

In case you missed it, Phil was a guest on Double Crossed Radio last night. If you haven’t heard of Double Crossed Radio before this, they are our counterparts in Oregon. Run by David, Drew and Chuck out of Northern Jefferson they secede every Thursday at 7pm in much the same way as us. If you want to give last nights show with Phil a listen it can be found here



Episode 50: The Phil Special

That’s right folks, this episode is all about Phil. Well ok, it’s really about his presentation from last September in Yreka. Make sure to visit us next Thursday for our special interview with the legendary Dr. Walter Block.

-Phil describes a video showing Spontaneous Order

-Phil talks about this video by Dr. Michael Munger of Duke University

-We listen to a speech by the late Dr. Murray Rothbard

-We talk about this recent video from Learn Liberty

-We discuss economic freedom and private property

Episode 49: Harsh Words

In this episode we interview Bryan in studio, who attended the Jefferson meeting in Crescent City.  To our surprise, he actually had negative things to say about it.  After this episode was recorded, I flew into a facebook rage (which, I admit, I should have expressed my thoughts with a cooler head, and for that I apologize to those who witnessed it) on a page the people involved directly in the movement use and heard the other side of the story.  I explain my thoughts in an update I added to the beginning of the episode at the last minute.

The thing to take away from all this is that there can sometimes be a breakdown of what you want to say and how it is received.  I worry that if we give the wrong message, albeit unintentionally, that it could be seized upon by the anti’s to try to make us look bad, or disenfranchise the fence-sitters. So listen to this episode with that caveat.  Make sure your message is delivered in such a way that these misunderstandings and misinterpretations are avoided.

We’ve already recorded our next episode, and we promise it will be a lot more fun than this one.

Episode 48: Return of the Podcast

After a brief hiatus The State of Jefferson Podcast is back! Join Phil, Josh and the new guy Aaron as they tangent and discuss everything from phones to elephants to unions.  This podcast marks another change as well, we stopped editing our cursing so much which means it is more in the PG13 range.

-Aaron is introduced and his role explained

-We talk about Robert and Kayla who crunched the numbers to find that Jefferson would be viable

-A thank you and shout out to Joel Nielsen of The Black Mesa Project for the intro music.

-We have a new and improved website thanks to Timothy Caron 

-Capitalism! We discuss it in depth. Including bailouts,  intellectual property , regulatory capture, etc.

-Silent Circle has a new phone coming out just for those of you who don’t like to be tracked or have your calls and texts listened to or read. (tangent)

-We discuss Walter Block and Free Market Environmentalism

-Learn Liberty and saving the wolves

-Zimbabwe and privately owned elephants

-We discuss the difference between Minarchism and Anarchism

-16 year old boy has testicles ruptured by the police

-The NAP is explained for those who don’t know what it means or have never heard of it

-We share our funny census stories and of course talk about Ron Paul

-42% of people no longer claim to be democrats or republicans

-We discuss developments in the State of Jefferson since our last podcast

-Nicola Tesla is of course discussed

-We discuss unions, especially the Chicago Teachers Union


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